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Agnès Giboreau, Institut Paul Bocuse, France

Agnès Giboreau

Agnès Giboreau is the research Director of the Institut Paul Bocuse (Lyon, France) where she manages Science and Innovation activities.
The Centre for Food and Hospitality Research aims to produce, transmit and value original scientific knowledge and know-how to contribute to the improvement of the well-being of the populations, in all the contexts of food and hospitality, at all ages, worldwide.

To this end, the research team conduct multidisciplinary works on socio-cultural, economic, cognitive and nutritional factors of the meal experience. The transfer from science to innovation is based on the cooperation of culinary and scientific experts to Marketing and R&D projects of the food, foodservice and hospitality sectors.

Her own field of research is sensory and consumer sciences. She is interested in better understanding consumer perception in real eating contexts, such as school, nursing home, hospital restaurants. She develops knowledge showing the importance of considering the food, the individual and the environment perspectives together.

I am the research Director of the Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon and I'm attached to the university of Lyon where I teach sensory and consumer sciences
Within this culinary school, I am managing a multidisciplinary group dedicated to food and hospitality research, aiming at improving the well-being of people through a better understanding of pleasure and health and thanks to a close relationship with industry to accompany innovation for the food and the food service industry, but also for institutions like schools or nursing homes 

Agnès Giboreau is the head manager of the Research of the Institut Paul Bocuse. Agnès Giboreau has a PhD in Food science and a MSc in Cognitive psychology. Her research activity aims at better understanding the pleasure of eating and its relation to health from both perceptual and behavioural perspectives. Her projects focus on meal experience in a multidisciplinary approach and rely on studies conducted in real situations. On one hand, the research is conducted in the unique facilities of the Experimental restaurant, a Living Lab (labelled Enoll) where professional experts work together with scientists, contributing to food design and production as well as table design and service. On the other hand, research actions are conducted in institutions, nursing homes, school restaurants etc. in order to demonstrate how meal pleasure can contribute to health perspectives in various subjects.

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