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Ross Carolyn, Washington State University, USA

Carolyn Ross

Carolyn Ross is a Professor in the School of Food Science at Washington State University. The overall objectives of Dr. Ross’ research and graduate education program are to understand the theoretical basis underpinning the sensory perception of foods and wines and to correlate these psychophysical attributes with quantifiable characteristics. Since starting at Washington State University in 2004, Dr. Ross has established her lab and the WSU Sensory Evaluation Facility as a center for graduate student training in the areas of sensory science and analytical chemistry.  Current research projects include the study of aftertaste in various foods and wines and the exploration of food texture sensitivities in children.  Through this research, Dr. Ross has published over 100 scientific research articles, with over 100 presentations at national and international scientific meetings.  She is the incoming chair of the Institute of Food Technologists Sensory and Consumer Science Division.

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