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Nicole Gaudette, Government of Alberta, Canada


Nicole is a Senior Scientist in Sensory Evaluation at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s Food Processing Development Centre within the Government of Alberta.  She also holds an Adjunct Professor position within the Department of Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science at the University of Alberta.  Nicole’s research focusses on using sensory science to identify value added opportunities for the province of Alberta’s agricultural commodities.  Some of her research contributions include examining the impact of feed on beef flavour and consumer liking, investigating the effect of sodium reduction on sensory properties and overall eating quality of processed meat, and establishing Western Canadian research synergies to support large agricultural commodity areas, including pork and barley.  Along with her position as a research scientist, Nicole has assumed pivotal strategic roles within the Ministry that have helped to shape the nature of food related research in the Ministry, including Chair of the Food Working Group for the Research Review Secretariat, Subsector Lead for the Agriculture and Food Sector Strategy and Working Group Member of the Food Collaboratory.  Nicole received a BA in Psychology from the University of Regina, a BSc in Human Nutritional Sciences from the University of Manitoba and a PhD in Biological Sciences from Brock University where she specialized in Sensory Science under the direction of Dr. Gary Pickering and mentorship through Dr. Jeannine Delwiche.  


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