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Wender Bredie, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Professor Wender Bredie

Professor Wender Bredie is head of the Section for Food Design and Consumer Behaviour at the Department of Food Science (FOOD). His research team (40+ people) covers a range of food-related disciplines within functional food design (including 3D printing), food exploration and innovation and instrumental flavour characterisation.

At FOOD, Wender Bredie has established a modern research facility – Future Consumer Lab – allowing in-depth studies on food perception, observation of food choice and consumption behaviour. Furthermore, the lab investigates the impact of simulated multisensory contexts using Virtual Reality on people’s food desires, appetite and preferences. Future Consumer Lab allows combining research at the molecular, structural and gastronomy levels with sensory perception using analytical and consumer panels.  This end-user perspective should contribute towards healthy, individualised and sustainable consumption patterns and create appetite for food in older people and patients.

Wender Bredie has contributed 135+ scientific works and was Chairman for the Weurman Flavour Research Symposium (2005). He has been principal/co-investigator in over 50 research projects and supervised 19 PhD students. During 2009-2014 he has been academic director (UCPH) of the Sensory Science Master Education with Wageningen University and continues teaching sensory science in the Food Science and Nutrition programmes at UCPH.

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