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Anne Churchill, Givaudan, France

Anne Churchill

Dr. Anne Churchill is Research Fellow at the Fragrance Division of Givaudan. She is based at the Health & Well-being Centre of Excellence in the UK and she is responsible for research relevant to global applications across all fragrance categories (household, personal care, fabrics, oral care and fine fragrances). Dr. Churchill set up the Sensory Analysis capabilities at Givaudan and served as Global Head of Sensory until 2014. During her research career she has been responsible for developing sensory methods relevant for measuring perception of fragrance stimuli in all their various forms throughout the consumer products industry. She played a pivotal role in establishing Givaudan’s leading position in providing fragrances with emotional and behavioural benefits supported by both implicit and explicit measures of human response and protected by a portfolio of patents. Her investigation of the multisensory aspects of fragrance perception led to new understanding of the subliminal power of fragrance over perception of other sensory characteristics and its importance in the complete design of consumer products. Until 2017 Dr. Churchill headed European Technology for the Fragrance Division, a role which allowed her to disseminate and help understanding behind disciplines such as fragrance encapsulation and delivery systems, fragrance material volatility and base interactions, as well as the physiology of the sense of smell and the neuroscience of emotion and human behaviour.

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