Pangborn Executive Committee

Suzanne Pecore, General Mills, USA

Suzanne Pecore

Suzanne Pecore is currently a consultant based in Pasadena, California, focused on sensory and consumer guidance testing for product development, assessment of sensory programs and practices, and foundational research to understand sensory aspects of ingredients or finished products. Suzanne studied sensory science under Rose Marie Pangborn, and has over 35 years of experience as a sensory professional within the global food industry, holding senior positions with McKesson Contract Research, The NutraSweet Company, and General Mills. Her publications have ranged from discrimination and descriptive methods, to sensory quality assessment and sweetener properties. She continues to mentor young sensory scientists as a visiting professor to several academic programs including the Erasmus Mundus Master Course in Food Innovation and Product Design, UC Davis, and Chapman University. She has held executive committee positions with ASTM Committee E-18, Society of Sensory Professionals, and IFT’s Sensory Evaluation Division. In 2016 Suzanne was presented ASTM’s David R. Peryam Award in recognition of her contributions to the advancement of applied sensory science.

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