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Mari Sandell, University of Turku, Finland

Mari A. Sandell

Mari A. Sandell is deputy director of Functional Foods Forum at the University of Turku and associate professor in sensory perception in the Faculty of Medicine. She has PhD in food chemistry and adjunct professorship in flavor chemistry and perception. She has been working also as a postdoctoral fellow at Monell Chemical Senses Center in USA at Breslin lab. Nowadays she is leading her own research group Senses and Food in Finland. After Monell she has conducted research as Academy postdoctoral fellow and Academy research fellow with several grants from Academy of Finland and Business Finland. She has received The Polak Young Investigator Award and Academy of Finland award for Social impact. She has also a qualification in University teaching pedagogy. She is former president of Finnish Society of Food Science and Technology and current chairman of Food Culture Society in South-West of Finland. Mari is an active member of E3S and specifically in both children and taste sensitivity groups. She is currently very fascinated by individual differences in multisensory perception connected to eating behavior and experiences as well as sensory-based food education for children and adults.

LinkedIn: Mari Sandell
Twitter: @Sensorymari

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