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Worch Thierry, Qi Statistics, UK

Worch Thierry

Dr Thierry Worch first started as a project manager at OP&P Product Research (Utrecht, The Netherlands) before completing his PhD on “the Ideal Profile Analysis: from the validation to the statistical analysis of ideal profile data” both in collaboration with Pieter Punter (OP&P), Sébastien Lê and Jérôme Pagès (Agrocampus-Ouest).

End of 2012, he joined Anne Hasted team at Qi Statistics, where he now runs clients’ projects, does research or gives diverse trainings (Hal MacFie Training, R-trainings, EyeOpenR trainings, etc.). With Qi Statistics, he also continues a long collaboration with Logic8 where he produces all the R-routines included in the EyeOpenR software.

Besides publishing various papers related to Sensometric, he is also the co-author with Sébastien Lê of a book entitled “Analyzing sensory data with R” (CRC Press).


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