The EyeQuestion® Software Suite is the world’s leading software application for Sensory and Consumer research, developed as a 100% browser based solution that turns a broad range of devices into potential data collection stations (desktops, laptops, iPads, tablets, smart phones, thin clients).

The EyeQuestion® Software Suite contains a comprehensive collection of software modules that are required for sensory and consumer research:

  • EyeContact: Advanced Panel Management and Recruitment
  • EyeQuestion®: Multi-channel data collection, Lab, CLT, HUT
  • EyeOpenR®: Powerful analysis and reporting tools
  • Additional modules; off-line data collection, integration capabilities and much more.

EyeQuestion® supports all known sensory methodologies i.e. descriptive research, difference tests, quality control, temporal methods, flash profiling, etc, as well as online consumer templates, while maintaining high flexibility and user-friendliness. EyeQuestion® also contains a unique automatic reporting function that generates custom reports in Excel or Word, based on advanced R statistical calculation templates that are developed, maintained and validated by Qi Statistics.

We are a certified ISO 27001 company, continuously checking our processes according to the ISO 27001/27002 standards for information security.

We look forward to welcoming you at our stand and wish you a joyful and productive symposium.

EyeQuestion Software (Logic8 B.V.)
Tel : +31 (0) 481 350 370
Email : info@eyeqeustion.nl
Web  : www.eyequestion.nl

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