Sensing future packaging

Qian Yang, University of Nottingham, Institute of Food Science and Technology and Society of Chemical Industry Food Group, UK; Obrien Sim, University of Nottingham, UK; Greg Simmonds,Sainsbury’s Supermarkets, UK; Sanjay Patel, The Packaging Collective, UK; Carol Raithatha, Carol Raithatha Limited and Institute of Food Science and Technology and Society of Chemical Industry Food Group, UK; Stella Lignou, University of Reading and Institute of Food Science and Technology, UK; Christine Barnagaud, MMR Research Worldwide and Institute of Food Science and Technology, UK.

This workshop is organised by two UK networks of relevance for sensory scientists: The Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) Sensory Science Group (SSG) and the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) Food Group. It will introduce the role of sensory/consumer science in packaging design and development, highlighting how diverse sensory features can be incorporated. The exciting possibilities for sensory and consumer science tools to become an essential element of innovative packaging approaches will be discussed.

The workshop will include the following talks and activities:

Introduction to IFST SSG and SCI Food Group - Carol Raithatha (5 min)

Sensing future packaging: Sensory pack effects, smart technologies, sustainability through the senses, pack testing methods, and design strategies: What might the future bring? - Carol Raithatha and Qian Yang (15 min)

Smart Packaging Engagement – A case study using coffee packs: Understanding how consumers engage with smart packaging and its effects on brand relationships - Obrien Sim (20 min)

Researching effective design and designing effective research: A review of gold-standard packaging research, and how it can encourage (near-)optimal packaging design - Greg Simmonds (20 min)

The senses and the 5 P’s of packaging: How can all the senses be used in the changing role of packaging based on the five fundamental design principles of packaging: protect, promote, present, provide and position? - Sanjay Patel (20 min)

Peroni Nastro Azzurro: showcasing the importance of integrating sensory learnings in the evolution of packaging design – Christine Barnagaud (20 min)

Wrapping up the package and Panel Q and A: How will sensory and consumer science contribute to packaging design in the future? - All (20 min)

Key words: Packaging, Design, Smart technologies, Sustainability, Multisensory, Crossmodal, Near Field Communication, Branding, Consumer engagement, Choice experiment, Positioning

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