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Workshop abstract deadline: October 30, 2020

We invite abstracts for workshop sessions at Pangborn 2021.  We are looking for enlightening workshops with speakers who interact and engage with the audience, as opposed to straight talks on a topic area, and which reflect the overall conference theme, ‘Sustainable Sensory Science’. Workshops should be between 90 and 120 mins duration. The following topic areas may be considered:

  • Sustainable Solutions
  • New and Emerging Sensory and Consumer Methods
  • Fundamentals: Biology and Psychophysics
  • Sensometrics & Data Science
  • Food Choice & Consumer Behaviour
  • Sensory Testing with Special Interest Groups
  • Sensory Relationships with Health & Wellbeing
  • Beyond Food – Sensory Learning from Other Categories
  • Sensory Marketing
  • Emerging Markets and Cross-Cultural Sensory Research
  • Sensory Driven Product Design
  • Historical Aspects of Sensory Science

Abstracts (max 500 words) should identify the topic for the workshop, its proposed length, all of the speakers and their affiliations and contribution to the workshop, examples of the types of activities and the nature of any special technology required. Contact details for the lead applicant should be given so that the Conference Chairs may contact them to discuss. Note that all speakers will be required to register for the Conference.

The deadline for submission of workshop abstracts is  October 30, 2020 (decisions will be made by the end of January 2021).


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