Venue Sustainability

Vancouver Convention Centre

From the design of the facility, the use of the latest green technologies to the adoption of green operating practices, the Vancouver Convention Centre is committed to being as environmentally sustainable as possible.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

  • Over 1 million kilograms of materials is diverted annually, 75% of the total volume of waste generated.
  • This includes batteries, lighting ballasts, wood, organics, metal, glass, plastic and much more.
  • Approximately 44,000 kilograms of organic waste is recycled per month on average.


  • A ‘scratch’ kitchen using primarily fresh, local and seasonal ingredients is used. Promoting and using locally-grown products means less energy consumption for transporting products to the door.
  • Prepackaged canned goods are avoided, cutlery, china, glass and cloth napkins are utilized, and nearly all condiments are served in bulk or reusable containers.
  • The venue encourages purveyors to deliver their goods in reusable containers and work with suppliers with a strong commitment to the environment.
  • Green SealTM and EcoLogoTM approved cleaning products are used facility-wide, including in the kitchen and food service areas.

Energy efficiency

  • Energy consumption is measured and monitored throughout the facility with carbon emissions calculated quarterly.
  • A seawater heating and cooling system takes advantage of the adjacent seawater to produce cooling for the building during warmer months and heating in cooler months.

Green by design

  • West building’s six-acre living roof – the largest in Canada and the largest non-industrial living roof in North America – features more than 400,000 indigenous plant and grasses. This unique roof is designed to act as an insulator, reducing heat gains in the summer and heat losses in the winter.
  • A restored marine habitat is built into the foundation of the West building. Water quality in the area has improved dramatically, with the growth of a large variety of sea life.
  • A sophisticated black water treatment plant provides toilet flushing water and rooftop irrigation during warmer weather.
  • Natural light and ventilation are maximized throughout the facility.
  • Local BC wood products from sustainably-managed forests are used throughout the facility.

Awards and accolades

  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Platinum (version 4) for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance for West building (2017)
  • Green Building Excellence Award for Existing Building by The Canada Green Building Council (2017)
  • Convention Industry Council’s Accepted Practices Exchange (APEX) and American Society for
  • Testing and Materials (ASTM) Level 4 Certification: Meeting Venue (2016)
  • APEX and ASTM certification: Venue and Food and Beverage Standards (2014)
  • IMEX Green Supplier Award, Silver (2011)
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Platinum (2010) for West building
  • Professional Convention Management Association’s (PCMA) Environmental Leadership Award (2010)

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