Workshops and Learn-shops

We had an excellent response to the call for Workshops with a record number of proposals submitted. As a result we have added a further stream of Workshops to the programme and included a new dimension to the programme with a ‘Learn-shop’ presentation format. Facilitated by academic and industry leaders, these educational and engaging interactive Learn-shops will have fewer participants than regular Workshops and will provide a chance to contribute, learn and discuss about new approaches and techniques in consumer and sensory science in smaller groups. 

Workshops and Learn-shops are listed below: Participation will be on first-come, first-served basis during the conference.


Social media in sensory and consumer research: What do we know so far and how can we shape the future?
Carlos Gomez-Corona, Firmenich SA, Mexico; Gaston Ares, Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay; Sara Spinelli, University of Florence, Italy; Nina Veflen, BI-Norwegian Business School, Norway; Hoa Nguyen, Firmenich SA, Switzerland

The person in the place: Exploring the eating experience
Jeannine Delwiche, Brock University, Canada;  Chris Simons, Ohio State University, USA; Chris Findlay, Compusense, Canada

Context in product evaluation
Herbert Meiselman, Herb Meiselman Training and Consulting, USA; Sara Jaeger, Plant and Food Research, New Zealand;  Davide Giacalone, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark;  Betina Piqueras-Fiszman, Wageningen University, The Netherlands; Agnes Giboreau, Institute Paul Bocuse, France; Christina Hartmann, ETH, Switzerland; David Thomson, MMR, UK

Sensing future packaging
Sarah Billson, Mars Confectionery and Institute of Food Science and Technology, UK; Qian Yang, University of Nottingham, Institute of Food Science and Technology and Society of Chemical Industry Food Group, UK; Rachel Edwards-Stuart, Flavour Perception Gastronomy and Science Consultant, Society of Chemical Industry Food Group, UK; Sim Obrien, University of Nottingham, UK; Greg Simmonds,Sainsbury’s Supermarkets, UK; Sanjay Patel, The Packaging Collective, UK; Carol Raithatha, Carol Raithatha Limited and Institute of Food Science and Technology and Society of Chemical Industry Food Group, UK.

Effect of context on perfume elicited emotions
Christelle Porcherot, Firmenich SA, Switzerland; Sophie Raviot-Derrien, Coty, Inc, Switzerland

Sensory science; The bridge between consumer behaviour, nutrition and health
Ciaran Forde, Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences / National University of Singapore, Singapore; Kees DeGraaf, Wageningen University, Netherlands; J. Ben Lawlor, Kerry Taste and Nutrition (Europe and Russia), Ireland; Robin Dando, Cornell University, USA

Sensory priming (the hidden marketing tool)
Anne Churchill, Givaudan UK Ltd, UK; Caroline Jordan, Givaudan UK Ltd, UK; Ioannis Kontaris, Givaudan UK Ltd, UK

The new age of consumer research – a land of opportunity or an unregulated Wild West?
Emma Gubisch, Leatherhead Food Research, UK

Revisiting the Paired Comparisons test
Philippe Courcoux, ONIRIS, France; Sebastien Lê, Agrocampus Ouest, France; Mathieu le Tertre, L'Oreal, France; Pascal Pachot, Diana Petfood, France; Emira Mehinagic, Diana Petfood, France; Julien Rogues, Diana Petfood, France

Challenges and opportunities for big data in sensory research: big data and data-driven modeling: New ways to speed up time-to-market and improve product performance
Ludovic  Depoortere, Haystack International, Belgium; Katya Vladislavleva, Datastories International, Belgium


Re-imagining sensory quality assurance: New techniques and technologies
Lindsay Barr, New Belgium Brewing and DraughtLab, LLC, USA; Becky Bleibaum, UC Davis and Dragonfly SCI, Inc, USA; Matt Conyer, DraughtLab, LLC, USA; Cassier Poirier, Briess Industries, Inc, USA

Demystifying qualitative sensory research
Darla Hall, Research Vive, LLC, USA; Clare Dus, Sensory Spectrum, Inc, USA; Nancy Peper, McCormick & Co., Inc, USA

Putting sensory at the heart of brand building
David Thomson, MMR Research and Annandale Distillery, UK; James Rogerson, Annandale Distillery, UK; Joe Goyder, HUXLY Global, UK; Toby Coates, HUXLY Global, UK; Christine Barnagaud, MMR Research, UK; Valerie Mialon, MMR Research, USA

Consumer relevance of sensory measurements
Benoît Rousseau, The Institute for Perception, USA; John Prescott, TasteMatters Research and Consulting  and Università degli Studi di Firenze, Australia and Italy; Hye-Seong Lee, Ewha Womans University, Republic of Korea; Chinatsu Kasamatsu, Ajinomoto Co. Inc., Japan

Incorporating modes of thinking into your sensory and consumer studies
Dave Lundahl, InsightsNow, USA; Christopher Simmons, Ohio State University, USA; Mimi Sherlock, International Flavors and Fragrances, USA; Zi Yang, Mondelez, USA; Dolores Oreskovich, Nestle Nutrition, USA; Greg Stucky, InsightsNow, USA; Rachael Traill, Fonterra, USA; Nathalie Janin, Fonterra, USA

Sense checking – new approaches for measuring tactile acuity
Sandra S. Waehrens, University of Copenhagen, Denmark; Lisa Methven, University of Reading, UK; Russell Keast, Deakin University, Australia; Rebecca Ford, University of Nottingham, UK; Wender L. P. Bredie, University of Copenhagen, Denmark


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