Nicolas Pineau, Nestlé Research, USA

Nicolas Pineau

Dr. Nicolas Pineau, is senior data scientist working for Nestlé Research Lausanne, Switzerland and based in Columbus Ohio, US. His primary area of expertise is sensometrics applied to the food industry, which developed into the area of meta-analyses of sensory & consumer data, based on the implementation of company-wide solutions to gather and analyse data. Recently, he started investigating potential for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applied to food & consumer science, in particular looking for methodologies targeting consumer understanding (Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Graphs). His publication areas are mainly around sensometrics methodologies (Temporal Dominance of Sensations, preference mapping, techniques to approach consumer perception) and product development (design of experiments, statistical modeling of recipe & process drivers of liking). Dr. Pineau is also president of the Agro-Industry and Statistical Methods group from the French Society of Statistics. In this role, he promotes interactions between academics and industry around data sciences through the organization of scientific events (AgroStat conferences, open access seminars).

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