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Christelle Porcherot, Firmenich, Geneva


Christelle Porcherot is currently Principal Scientist in the R&D Division of Firmenich based in Geneva. She has worked for 24 years at Firmenich in the Sensory & Consumer field, and currently leads the Emotion and Cognition research program and a collaboration with University of Geneva. The team’s achievements in this area include the development of a unique emotion and odor scale called UniGeos / ScentMove®. The team's work on behavior and neurophysiology has also contributed to the development of Firmenich's patented emotion technologies.

Christelle is graduated of the Burgundy University (Dijon, France), where she worked on consumer preferences and repeated exposure applied to novel and complex flavors for her PhD thesis at INRA under the supervision of Sylvie Issanchou.


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