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Thierry Thomas-Danguin, INRAE, France

Thierry Thomas-Danguin

Thierry Thomas-Danguin, is senior research scientist at INRAE (France’s National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment). He is a specialist of chemosensory perception in humans. He has a background in chemistry enriched by an expertise in psychophysics, psychophysiology and neurobiology of the chemical senses and a Habilitation in Food Sciences. The central aim of his research is to understand the role of perceptual interactions, induced by odor mixtures processing or cross-modal integration, in odor objects and food flavor coding and perception. At the Centre for taste, smell and Feeding Behavior in Dijon, he leads a research team focusing on Flavor, Food Oral Processing and Perception, which endeavor to unravel the chemical, biological, and cerebral mechanisms of food flavor construction and perception in order to develop a healthier and sustainable diet, but nonetheless tasty, which may be better appreciated by consumers and therefore contribute to their health and wellness in a more sustainable way.

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