Pangborn 2019 speakers

Keynote Speakers

Mikel Cirkus, Firmenich, USA
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Presentation: Collective learning: Sharing insights for innovation

Grace Douglas, NASA, USA
Presentation: Sensory challenges in the final frontier – Developing space exploration food systems

Nathalie Martin, Nestle, Switzerland
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Presentation: What does the future look like for sensory and consumer science: the opinion of experts in the field

Plenary Speakers

Gaston Ares, Universidad de la República, Uruguay
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Presentation: Where are we with sensory methods and where do we go?

Trevor Davis, Trevor Davis & Associates Ltd, UK
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Presentation: More than human: the coming role of AI in food research

Ludovic Depoortere, Haystack, Belgium
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Presentation: The future is now: A call to action on the mutation of research

Betina Piqueras Fiszman, Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands
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Presentation: From perception to motivation

Claire Murphy, San Diego State University, USA
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Presentation: Effects of neurodegenerative disease on sensory function in the brain: Focus on Alzheimer’s disease and Down syndrome

Nimesha Ranasinghe, University of Maine, USA
Augmented and virtual flavours

Maria Veldhuizen, Yale University, USA
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Presentation: The role of the gut in the development of flavor preferences

Maduran Wikneshwaran, Dyson, UK
Presentation: What’s in a need?

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