Pangborn 2021 Early Career Researcher Seminar
Shaping the future of Sensory and Consumer Science

The Pangborn Symposium provides a platform to share and be inspired by cutting edge research. It is an excellent opportunity for early career researchers, including PhD candidates and postgraduate researchers, to gain experience, obtain feedback, develop knowledge, discover methods, get inspired, foster confidence and build sensory networks.

Pangborn 2021 Online will include the second Early Career Researchers (ECR) seminar. There will be a one hour session on each day of the main programme,  enabling the seminar to feed into the main Symposium and allowing  ECRs from different backgrounds and countries worldwide to  present their research, share their views on how sensory & consumer science can contribute to a more sustainable future, and to receive feedback on their research

The sessions are open to all registered delegates to attend, and we encourage everyone to attend and support early career researchers.

Selected PhD candidates and researchers with up to 5 years’ experience in the sensory field after completing their PhD will be selected based on the scientific excellence of their research and their inspiring visions about the role of sensory & consumer science in the context of the most relevant societal issues that threaten our ability to achieve the sustainable development goals worldwide. In line with the views and principles of Rose Marie Pangborn of supporting young researchers and fostering the passage of knowledge from generation to generation, free attendance to the online symposium will be given to the selected applicants.

The seminar will be chaired by Gastón Ares, Associate Professor at Universidad de la República (Uruguay).


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