Pangborn 2019 Early Career Researcher Seminar


Watch 15 short videos, presented by early career researchers at the Pangborn 2019 ECR Seminar: ‘The future of sensory science in the mind of the early career researcher’


Early Career Researcher Seminar

“A Pangborn seminar for all, organised and delivered by our Early Career Researchers”

28 July 2019, 10.00 – 13.00

Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC), Edinburgh, Scotland

Starting a new legacy for the future: the Pangborn Early Career Researcher seminar

The Pangborn symposium provides a platform to share and be inspired with cutting edge research, and it is an excellent learning environment for early career researchers, which includes postgraduate students, to develop knowledge, discover methods, foster confidence and build sensory networks. This year, we have an amazing new addition to our main Pangborn symposium; the Early Career Researchers (ECR) seminar. The seminar is organised to create a memorable, relevant event delivering scientific excellence to delegates from a broad background. This is in line with the Pangborn principles of supporting students, passing knowledge to the next generation, and connecting professionals. We aim to support early career researchers (students and researchers with up to 5 years’ experience in the sensory field after completing their studies) by providing the basis for knowledge exchange and connecting with professionals.

The first ever ECR’s seminar will be held on the Sunday morning, 10.00am, prior to the opening of the main Pangborn symposium on the Sunday afternoon. The event will focus on the future of Sensory & Consumer science, in the view of early career researchers, and a number of oral presentation slots are up for grabs. The seminar is created and organised by a committee of early career researchers, it will be chaired by Mikel Cirkus, Global Director of Conceptual Design at Firmenich Flavours, and will feed into the main Pangborn symposium.

Early Career Researcher Networking Event

Tuesday 30 July | 19.30

Aimed at Early Career Researchers and PHD students, a networking event will take place Tuesday 31 July at 19.30 at the Scotch Whisky Experience.

This is a great opportunity to meet and socialise with your peers.  Find out more here


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