In the Netherlands, ESSENSOR is the authority and market leader in the Sensory Market Research domain with both Consumer Research and Expert panels. Currently we have three Research Centers in The Netherlands: Foodvalley Wageningen, Utrecht and Rotterdam.

For more than 25 years we have supported the food and non-food sectors in optimizing and selling products using market research that employs the human senses of smell, taste, vision, hearing and touch. Our advanced sensory research methods provide insight into improvement options. We always work on the basis of scientific insights, using respondents from our extensive database. As for our clients, we guarantee them exclusivity.

Since November 2020 Essensor and Wageningen University & Research have joined forces for food and consumer research and have been conducting joint research into food taste and experience, food appreciation and consumers' food choice behavior. Thanks to this collaboration, scientific knowledge can be used more quickly to develop healthy products that are appreciated by consumers. This aspect is completely in line with the vision of ESSENSOR: “To a world with better products and a healthy and sustainable business.

Would you be interested in discussing how your competitiveness can be improved using sensory research? Then we encourage you to contact us by phone at +31 318-452222 or mail via essensor@essensor.nl

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