9/10 of the largest beverage brand owners rely on FlavorActiV globally for their sensory needs

FlavorActiV is the world leader in the training and monitoring of professional tasting panels, and an expert in the supply, monitoring and analysis for sensory instruments.

From the worlds only pharmaceutical facility dedicated to the production of flavour reference standards, FlavorActiV produces its encapsulated flavour references to Pharmaceutical Quality GMP Standards. These flavour standards are used directly within liquid foods or beverages to impart a taint, off-note or positive flavour for the purposes of training and maintaining the abilities of professional tasters.

FlavorActiV’s multi-lingual trainers deliver sensory training with FlavorActiV’s Pharmaceutical Quality GMP Flavour Standards. Once trained, most sensory panels are then regularly monitored by FlavorActiV’s proprietary taster proficiency software, in use by 50,000+ tasters globally.

A fully trained and monitored sensory tasting panel brings human validation to the detailed analytical outputs of sensory instruments. The considered combination of both human and instrument sensory is where FlavorActiV adds huge value and mitigates risk for brand owners.
Website: www.flavoractiv.com

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