Blueberry and The Institute for Sensory Research

Blueberry and The Institute for Sensory Research

Blueberry is a marketing and consumer sensory research company focusing on the innovation process and the full product life cycle, utilizing traditional and innovative research methodologies and tools. We are explorers at heart. Our experienced team brings passionate curiosity and fresh perspectives to go beyond the data and discover the story. Our insights deliver clarity, so you can move forward with confidence. We take a consultative approach that goes beyond the immediate project to understand challenges within the context of your whole business. We illuminate your product’s landscape, uncovering the true motivators behind consumer choices, so you can build the best products. The only constant is change, so we work as fast as you need to deliver sound research that fits your timelines, objectives, and budget.  And, we help you transcend the insights to understand and assimilate learnings, so you can take confident action. Our sister division, The Institute for Sensory Research specializes in custom analytical sensory research, trained sensory panels and sensory programs. ISR is one of the most trusted and experienced scientific sensory research organizations with over twenty years’ experience working with manufacturers from across the United States and around the globe. Our lab in New York houses our in-house panels and includes ASTM standard booths, including specialized personal care booths and food/beverage booths. Our approach links established sensory and scientific methodologies with strict quality controls at the facility and panel level to provide reliable results for confident decision-making. 

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