Campden BRI

Campden BRI

Campden BRI provides practical scientific, technical, legislative and information support to the food, drink and allied industries. It is membership based and works closely with members to ensure the industrial relevance of its services. These are underpinned by a strong programme of research and development. They include analysis and testing, product innovation, process validation, consultancy, auditing, and training. Many of its service activities are independently accredited and can be tailored to meet specific client needs. It also publishes leading industry guidance on best practice and legislation. Its areas of expertise cover -

  • product development and quality, consumer studies, market insights, sensory science, authenticity testing, shelf-life evaluation, labelling and legislation
  • manufacturing technologies - food processing (heating, chilling, freezing, emerging technologies such as high pressure, ultrasound and cold plasma), aseptic technology, microwave heating, malting and brewing, milling, baking and extrusion technology, and process control and instrumentation, packaging technology
  • safety assurance - including hygiene and sanitation, microbiology and preservation, processing technologies, analysis and testing (microbiological, chemical), and quality and safety management,
  • agri-food production, ingredients, raw materials, raw material technology,
  • underpinning science - cereal science, microbiology, chemistry and biochemistry, molecular biology

www.campdenbri.co.uk   information@campdenbri.co.uk   +44(0)1386 842000

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