Compusense is a world leader in Consumer and Sensory Science, providing entry-level and advanced software platforms. Compusense has recently released a new software platform that builds on our 35 year foundation and created a new user experience that is designed specifically to be user friendly and easily accessible from smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops! Compusense's new platform makes it easy to do:

  • Consumer Testing: Compusense provides the flexibility needed to ensure you are getting actionable results from your consumer testing. Remove the stress from your testing by recruiting, testing and analyzing all within Compusense.
  • Descriptive Analysis: Worried your panelists need to be trained again because of the disruption the pandemic has caused? Use Compusense's built-in training features including the Feedback Calibration Method (FCM) to easily get your panelists back to their best.
  • Quality Testing: We understand the importance of consistency to your brand. Compusense offers a wide range of discrimination and quality control testing options to ensure you keep your customers confidence.
  • Research: Take advantage of the latest methods from sorting to temporal methods. Compusense software and support will be there with you every step of the way."



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