P&K Research

P&K Research

Helping Create the World’s Best Products

P&K Research has been leading the way with groundbreaking, innovative product research for over 60 years.

A Global Partner across a Wide Array of Categories

Clients rely on us to deliver the data and insights they need to launch new products, evaluate existing markets and competitors, and develop new formulas that may save money or grab an increased market share. We’re an end-to-end research partner providing CLTs, HUTs and online testing through our own facilities across the U.S., and with on-site expertise around the world through key strategic alliances in Europe, Asia, South America and Australia.

Your Single Point of Contact:

We’re a one-stop resource, whether you are looking to bring a new product to market, considering a packaging change or simply want to uncover ways to help gain market share, regionally, nationally or globally.


Contact Tim Croak / croat@pk-research.com / +1 (773) 357-3218

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