Showcasing posters at Pangborn 2021

More than 400 posters were presented at the live event with authors able to meet in 1:1 video meeting during the live event.

You can still view all posters and poster pitches via our on-demand access and connect with authors via the conference app.

Poster Prizes

We are pleased to announce the poster winners for Pangborn 2021. 

In the name of each winner, we will be planting trees with Trees for all

Overall Winners

First place ($500 worth of trees)
Maximilian Bauer
P1.001 Effectiveness of a trained panel in sensory evaluating tennis rackets

Second place ($200 worth of trees)
Cynthia Rohrer
P01.004 Comparison of trained panel results before and after at-home testing: Lessons from remote sensory testing

Third Place ($100 worth of trees)
Qian Janice Wang
P01.005 UX-design approaches for accommodating high “need for touch” consumers in e-commerce

Theme winners

Theme Winner: Beyond Food - Sensory Learning from other Categories ($100 worth of trees)
Lise Dreyfuss
P01.003 Texture led segmentation for product innovation in emerging markets

Theme Winner: Emerging Markets and Cross Cultural Sensory Research ($100 worth of trees)
Martin Wendelin
P02.002 A study on vanilla flavor tonalities - Associations between odor and the stages of life.

Theme Winner: Food Choice & Consumer Behaviour ($100 worth of trees)
Niamh Patterson
P03.014 Evaluating the basis of perceived textural complexity: The importance of intensity.

Theme Winner: Fundamentals: Biology and Psychophysics ($100 worth of trees)

Tao Su
P04.007 Spicy food consumption is associated with reduced oral trigeminal and gustatory perception but unchanged intranasal trigeminal sensitivity

Theme Winner: New and Emerging Sensory and Consumer Methods ($100 worth of trees)

Irery Sánchez
P05.007 Artificial Intelligence as a fast prototyping tool for flavours

Theme Winner: Other ($100 worth of trees)
R. van Bommel
P12.022 Contrasting textures as a means to slow down eating rate, increase satiation and decrease ad libitum food intake while maintaining overall liking

Theme Winner: Sensometrics & Data Science ($100 worth of trees)

Gemma Hodgson
P06.005 “The theory that would not die… should we let it live?” - a case study on historical consumer datasets to investigate the potential benefits of a Bayesian approach

Theme Winner: Sensory Driven Product Design ($100 worth of trees)
Marie O. Richardson & Lesley Allen-Dring
P07.006 The best of both worlds - combining sensory qualitative consumer research with expert sensory trained panel to accelerate product development & prototype testing in oral healthcare.

Theme Winner: Sensory Marketing ($100 worth of trees)
Arnaud Thomas
P08.001 Sensory claims relevance : How do consumers interpret sensory vocabulary ? Methodological approach

Theme Winner: Sensory Relationships with Health & Wellbeing ($100 worth of trees)
Martin Kern
P09.020 The impact of consumer product acceptance on brand performance – a view on re-Formulation – How does sensory and consumer research support sustainability of success?

Theme Winner: Sensory Testing with Special Interest Groups ($100 worth of trees)
Perrin Lucie
P10.002 How to ensure that consumers will be satisfied by a new sustainable suncare product developed for extreme conditions?

Theme Winner: Sustainable Solutions ($100 worth of trees)
David Morizet
P11.007 Sensory & consumer science at the basis of sustainable product innovation: How to evaluate the rinsability of a beauty product?


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